5 Easy Steps to know How to Sublimation On Glitter HTV in 2023

Want to surprise your loved ones with highly customized and personalized products? Or want something unique for yourself? Sublimation is a great way to create customized items. It not only helps create unique products, but it’s also very cost-effective.

It’s a familiar concept that you can only sublimate to white or light-colored products. But it’s not 100% true. You can also sublimate to dark colors. How? Sublimation on glitter HTV is the way to go.

The process of sublimation is also pretty simple. When the sublimation ink is heated at 400F, it becomes a gas and forms a permanent color on white or light-colored items/fabric. Sublimation ink works only on material that has a polymer coating. The images or designs are of high quality, vibrant, and don’t peel off or wash away easily.

Using white glitter heat transfer vinyl as a base for image sublimation will allow you to create a design in dark colors. With the help of glitter HTV, you can also produce more creative designs.

Best ways to Sublimation on Glitter HTV in 2023

how to sublimate on glitter htv

We know that glitter HTV helps to sublimate on dark items or surfaces, but how does it work? Or what is the process of sublimation on glitter HTV?

Step-wise, it produces vibrant and sharp images on dark surfaces. The process is simple and even can be done at home. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

The first step to start sublimation on glitter heat transfer vinyl is to gather all items and tools that are required for the process. The things that you need are

Step 2: Image Design

Design an image in vector design software. The Image could be anything, any photo or quote. There is no conditions or limitation for image designing. Be sure that you use good software that creates quality images.

Step 3: Image Print

After designing, the next step is printing. Print the design through a sublimation printer. Remember to reverse the image before printing. After the printing, cut it with a 60° blade and remove the excess. The base for a sublimated image is prepared.

Step 4: Heat Press

Set the heat press to the required temperature. Once the heat press reaches that temperature, place the fabric on the heat press, and then place the design. Make sure that the vinyl side is down. Now put the Teflon sheet (nonstick sheet) on top of design and press for 15 seconds. Apply adequate and equal pressure.

Step 5: Open Heat Press

Once the above step is done, open the heat press. Remove the Teflon sheet and also peel off the vinyl backing. It’s time for sublimation. Adjust the heat setting to 400F.

Step 5: Sublimation

After the heat press reaches 400F, place the printed image on vinyl (remember that the image should be face down), cover the vinyl with a nonstick sheet, and press the heat press for 60 seconds. Wait for the beep. Once it beeps, open the heat press, remove the Teflon sheet and peel off the paper. The customized and unique design is ready for your favorite item.

Gift it to your loved one or use it yourself and receive the praises.


Why should I use glitter HTV for sublimation?

Glitter HTV is a polyester product that is long-lasting as well. Glitter heat transfer vinyl can also withstand a high temperature of heat press. That is why it’s the perfect material for sublimation.

Can I do sublimation on regular HTV?

No. You can’t do sublimation on regular HTV as for sublimation, a polyester product is required, and regular HTV is not a polyester product. The printed image will not transfer or fade away soon. If you want a long-lasting and vibrant image, use glitter HTV.

Can I sublimate colored glitter HTV?

White is the best color for sublimation on glitter HTV, and it’s also recommended as you get the best results on white. But other colors can also be used, but the issue is that the color of HTV will combine with the colors of the print, and unexpected results may occur. But you can always experiment and get test prints to see whether it works.


Sublimation is an exciting process, allows you to create unique and customized products. Sublimation works best on white or light colors, but there are ways to sublimate dark colors. Although the results won’t be the same, it’s fun to experiment and get exceptional results.

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