Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

In 2015, the FTC passed a new rule for the disclosure of websites. These rules were made to show that users are aware of how different platforms are using their data. In case you are using someone else media and content, then you have to give them the credit or mention them on your website.
This was the reason most of the website which was on Amazon’s reviews were asked to share the links. Printer lake makes sure that all the links are given the credits and endnote. This way, we prove that we are working according to the FTC disclosure compliance rules.

What Are Affiliate Links?

When you browse our website and click on the links, then we make sure to get you to the original websites. In this way, you are generating revenue for us as well. Each time you click the links on our website, you will move to the other Amazon links. This is how affiliate links work.
There are two things added to these links:

  • Amazon links
  • Product Links

Amazon Affiliate Links are those links that are given according to the Amazon Service LLC program. You can get more details about this program on Amazon’s official website.
Product Affiliate Links are those links that a user clicks on a particular product. In this way, a sale amount is given to the company or website owner.
Drones Sellers don’t write sponsored posts because all the data is used for our purposes. We don’t sponsor any other websites, so don’t contact us for that purpose.
In case you want to give us a new idea, you are free to do that. You can also check the About Us page and get a better idea of how we work.