Sublimation Mugs vs Regular Mugs: What’s The Difference 2023?

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Have you ever wanted to get a mug for yourself or as a gift? Do you know about Sublimation Mugs vs Regular Mugs? But I think it’s an important topic for anyone considering buying either of these types of mugs.

There are tons of different types of mugs out on the market today, but two that you should know about in particular are Sublimated Mugs and Regular Mugs. These two types of mugs are not all that different, however, they still differ enough to matter, and it’s important to know which one you’re buying.

What Is a Sublimation Mug?

A sublimation mug is a mug that has been made by sublimating the image into it. This process uses heat to transfer ink to the surface of the mug. The result is a mug with an image that won’t fade or peel.

Sublimation mugs are perfect for anyone in need of a good quality, long-lasting mug that can be used over and over again. The process used to create these mugs means that they are suitable for just about any type of drink, including hot beverages like coffee or tea as well as cold drinks like water or juice.

What Is a Sublimation Mug?

What Is a Regular Mug?

A regular mug is a basic, everyday drinking vessel. It’s simple in design and function, but the material choices are plentiful. Regular mugs come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They’re designed to hold a specific amount of liquid and typically have flat bottoms so that they sit upright on tables or counters without tipping over easily.

A regular mug has a handle that allows you to safely hold it without burning yourself. You can use a regular mug for drinking beer or wine as well as coffee, tea, or water. Mugs are especially popular for home and office use but are also commonly used in commercial settings.

Sublimation Mugs Vs Regular Mugs: The Main Difference?

Sublimation Mugs Vs Regular Mugs: The Main Difference?

Sublimation mugs are a type of mug that can be printed with your custom design. These mugs are made by applying heat to a special ink that turns the ink into a gas, causing it to become part of the surface of your mug. This process is also known as phase-change printing. Sublimation mugs are great because you can use any image you want on them.

A regular mug is just like any other mug you would find at home or in the office kitchen area. Regular mugs have a different printing process than sublimation. The difference between sublimation and regular mugs is that sublimation uses heat to transfer ink from a special plate onto the mug. This process creates a permanent image that can’t be removed or washed off.

How to Sublimate on Regular Mugs?

If you have a special mug that you love and would like to personalize it, sublimation is the best solution for you. Sublimation is a process that can transfer images from one surface onto another without damaging the original picture.

You just need to follow some simple steps and your mug will be ready to use within a few minutes!

Step # 1: Prepare The Mug

The first step is to prepare your mug for sublimation. You need to make sure that it is clean and dry, so wash it with soap and water. Then, wipe it down with a paper towel or rag to remove any excess water, and let it air dry.

Step # 2: Print Your Design

Next, sublimate your regular mug to print your design onto transfer paper using your sublimation printer. The ink should be applied evenly across the entire area of the transfer paper.

Step # 3: Prepare Your Transfer Paper

Next, place the transfer paper face down onto your mug and expose it to heat for about 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on how dark you want your design to be. You can do this by placing it under an iron or by using an electric heat press machine.

Step # 4: Peel off the Transfer Paper

After exposing your design, peel off the transfer paper from your mug while holding it slightly tilted so that any excess ink drains off into a tray instead of running down onto your work surface.

After this process, you have a mug with an image that has been permanently fused into its surface!

Some Tips to Sublimate on Regular Mugs

Sublimation is a great way to personalize your mug. Additionally, it’s a great way to display your designs and artwork.

You can see below a few tips on how to get the best results when using sublimation.

  • Choose high-quality mugs that will not crack or break during heating.
  • When you’re printing on regular mugs, you need to use high-quality sublimation paper. If you use cheap paper, then the design will not come out well. The reason for this is that the ink will spread and bleed into each other, making it difficult for people to read what’s written on the mug.
  • Make sure your design doesn’t have too many colors or too much saturation because this could cause problems when the image transfers onto your mug (this usually happens when there are too many colors in one spot).

How Do You Choose Mugs for Sublimation?

Choosing the right mug for sublimation is an important part of your design process. Mugs are a great way to get your customer’s attention, and they can be a great way to sell products or advertise your business.

There are several things you should consider when choosing mugs for sublimation. These include:


The first thing that you should do when looking for a good mug looks at the materials used in making it. Look at the handle, lid, base, and body of the mug carefully, and see if they’re made from high-quality materials like glass or metal rather than plastic.

The most important thing to keep in mind when sublimating mugs is that they must be made out of ceramic or glass materials instead of plastic ones. These materials allow for better heat transfer between the ink and mug surface than plastic ones do; therefore, they will produce better results overall with less effort on your part!


The size of the mug will depend on what kind of image you want to put on it and how much space you have available for the image. If your image is small in size, you can use a smaller mug and vice versa.


There are two general shapes for mugs: cylinder-shaped and circular-shaped (like coffee mugs). Cylinder-shaped mugs can be customized with just about any image because they have no sharply defined edges. Circular-shaped mugs do have sharp edges though, so if your design has any lines or curves in it, keep this in mind when choosing your shape.


The colors used in your design have a big impact on how well it prints on mugs. The best colors for sublimation are bright colors and dark colors because these will print better than light colors and pastels.

When using light colors or pastels, they might not come out as well as expected when printed on mugs because of the glass surface of the mug itself and how this affects ink absorption rates during printing.

Mug Sublimation: How Long Does It Last?

When you’re looking to create a mug that will last, it’s important to know how long sublimation mugs will last. Several factors can affect the longevity of your mug. It is more important to consider how you care for it.

Some types of mugs are more prone to chipping or cracking than others. If you’re making sublimation mugs for a business, you should use high-quality ceramic mugs that have been tested for durability in hot environments.

Here are some tips for extending the life of your mug:

  • Avoid sharp objects and abrasive cleaners on your sublimated mug. This can damage the print and cause it to fade faster.
  • Use only mild detergents when washing your mug in the dishwasher or by hand.
  • The most important thing you can do when caring for your mug is to avoid harsh cleaning products and scrub with abrasive sponges or cloths.
  • These can damage the image on your mug over time because they scratch off some of the color pigments used in sublimation printing.

Can You Sublimate on Regular Mugs?

You can sublimate on regular mugs and give them a professional look. You can also get them personalized and use your design or logo.

You can get sublimated mugs in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. If you want to get the best results, make sure that you buy the right kind of regular mug for sublimating.

To make sure that your sublimated mug looks good, you should use a high-quality inkjet printer with an appropriate paper type. You should make sure the image is sharp before printing it onto the mug.

Can You Sublimate on Dollar Tree Mugs?

Are you looking for a gift for someone? Do you want to make your mug as a souvenir? If so, it’s worth taking a look at Dollar Tree mugs.

Yes, you can sublimate on Dollar Tree Mugs. The key is the sublimation paper. You need to make sure the paper is specifically designed for sublimating onto mugs.

You can sublimate your designs onto Dollar Tree mugs and they will look great. The quality of these mugs is not as high as some other brands of ceramic mugs, but they are still very durable and sturdy enough for everyday use.

Can You Sublimate on Porcelain Mugs?

Porcelain mugs are a popular choice for sublimation because they have a solid white color that is easy to print on. It’s also easy to clean and durable, thanks to the porcelain material.

Many people choose to use porcelain mugs because they are scratch resistant and do not stain easily. It is possible to find many different colors and styles of porcelain mugs available that make an excellent addition to any collection.

It is important to use a quality sublimation ink that was made specifically for use on porcelain mugs.

Can You Sublimate on Walmart Mugs?

Yes, you can sublimate on Walmart mugs. We have been sublimating on these mugs for years without ever encountering a problem.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the sublimation process is not perfect. There will always be some minimal imperfections in the print, but it will look just fine on your mug!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sublimation better than regular mugs?

Yes! Sublimation mugs are dishwasher safe, durable, and have no fading or cracking over time. They also come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and designs so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for easily.

What types of images can I use for sublimation?

You can use any image or design you want for your sublimated mug! However, we do recommend sticking with simple designs that are easy to reproduce like logos or text-only designs.
Anything too complicated may not look right after the sublimation process has been completed. We also recommend avoiding anything that contains gradients or fine details because they might not come out clear after being sublimated onto your mug!

Are Sublimated Mugs Dishwasher Safe?

Yes! The sublimated images are printed directly onto the surface of your mug, so they will not fade or peel off at all. They are also scratch resistant and extremely durable and long-lasting!

How do I clean my sublimated mug?

Wash with warm water and mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. Rinse well and dry thoroughly before using again.

Can my sublimated mug go into the microwave?

Yes, but only after it has been thoroughly cleaned with mild detergent and warm water. Make sure your mug is dry before using it in the microwave again.

Final Thought

Overall, we like sublimation mugs better for the most part. They are more durable and less likely to chip or break. However, regular mugs are less expensive than sublimated designs, and will most likely be more versatile with their uses.

To put it simply, your choice is largely dependent on what type of mug you’re after in the first place. You could consider choosing a sublimation mug that caters to both hot and cold beverages if that applies to your needs.

This will give you the freedom to use the same mug for both hot coffee and cold soda with equal ease. And as you continue on your journey to purchasing the best sublimation mugs around, remember these tips.

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