7 Easy Steps to know Can You Sublimate On Colored Shirt? in 2023

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If you’re looking for fun and easy way to personalize your wardrobe, then sublimation printing is the perfect solution.

This printing process allows you to print vibrant designs directly on to the colored fabric, giving your clothes one of a kind look. So, can you sublimate on colored shirts? The answer is yes, but there are few things you need to keep in mind.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the process of sublimating onto a colored fabric, and provide some tips for getting the best results. Without wasting any time, let’s jump directly to the process.

Can you sublimate on Colored Shirt?

Can you sublimate on Colored Shirt

The sublimation on the colored shirts is pretty challenging, but it’s possible, and you can also achieve some good results. Although it is a bit difficult to perform sublimation on colored shirts, and it might need some experiments, you can achieve the desired results with time.

A major problem with colored shirt sublimation is the color accuracy. It is pretty challenging to achieve the perfect color on non-white shirts. But there is nothing to worry about, as we will explain everything in detail.

 We are hopeful that after reading this article, you will be able to get the answer to the question,” can you sublimate on a colored shirt?”

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Steps for Sublimation on Colored Shirts

Here is a short method how you can do sublimation on a colored T-shirt. We found out that this method works great, and it will give you desired results in proper execution.

The method we will explain below has been tested and proven, and it will prove to be successful if the steps are followed properly.

In general, sublimation is a process of heat transfer that works with the fabric being 100% polyester. However, if it’s woven with 25% cotton, there is a possibility this process can be done.

Let’s start the process

1: Design should be Darker

The chosen designs should be darker than the shirt. It’s the important trick, and if goes right, you will be able to get the perfect design with vibrant colors.

Make sure not to select light-colored design as it is best for white shirts because, on white shirts, the light colors will be visible, but for dark fabric, you need to choose a design that is darker than the shirt.

Make sure to choose flat or tonal solid colors. Your design also should not have white color as it will not appear on the shirt and will look the same as the color of the garment. Besides that, get Sublijet HD ink to achieve high-quality images and a professional print finish.

2: Print Design on Sublimation Paper

Once you have selected the design for your shirt, it’s time to print the design on sublimation paper. It’s a crucial step, and you need to be very careful while printing the design on paper because if the design is not printed correctly, it won’t be appropriately transferred to the fabric.

3: Warm-Up heat press

After the design is printed on the sublimation paper, it’s time for the heat press. Warm-up a heat press at a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.

4: Put your shirt and pre-press

Next step is to place the shirt into the heat press. Printable surface should be facing upwards. Also, smoothen the surface with the help of a lint roller for clearing lines and creases. Pre-press the garment for some seconds. Do not forget to put the Teflon sheet above.

5: Place the design

Once you are done with step 4, it’s time to lay the design on the top of the t-shirt. Place the print side face down and fix it with heat resistant tap. Also, lay the Teflon sheet over it.

6: Press the design

Set a temperature to 190 degrees Celsius and put a light to medium pressure for 60 seconds. After pressing, lift the heat press and remove Teflon sheet. Now peel back the sublimation paper quickly but smoothly.

It is a crucial step as the print will be wet, and you need to be extra careful while removing the paper without smudging it against the fabric. If you do not remove the paper carefully, it will ruin your print.

7: Allow it to cool

When you remove the shirt from the heat press, allow it to cool for some time. It’s the final step, and after that, your process is complete.

Here you go, your sublimation print on the colored shirt is ready.


Can I sublimate on the dark shirt?

Yes, you can sublimate on the dark shirt and if still any doubts have, read our article “can you sublimate of the dark shirt?”

Can I sublimate on 100% cotton?

Yes, you can sublimate on 100% cotton but for that use of heat transfer vinyl is must between cotton and the dye. Gone are the days when sublimation could only be done on polyester or polymer coated products.

 Can I use polyester coating?

Yes, with the help of polyester coating, you can coat your sublimation blanks. You can buy polyester coating from any retail or online store.


We hope that we have cleared all the queries and have thoroughly answered the question “can I sublimate on a colored shirt?” as everything has explained in detail in this article.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite color, select a favorite design and start the sublimation process.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask us!!!!

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