How to Print Double Sided on Brother Printer 5 Easy Steps

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Are you the one looking for how to print double sided on Brother Printer? If you have a Brother Company printer and want to print on the double side of the pages, this is not a very difficult process, you have some information, and you can efficiently perform this action.

The Brother Printers are famous all over the world, because of their quality work and long-lasting, people prefer to buy a Brother Printer, because of its some features that are not available in the other local printers.

The Brother Printers provides you the Duplex printing service, and this is a feature that allows you to make the print on the double sides of the pages; many other printers provide you this feature, so you can also make the print on the double side of the pages if you have any printer that is having the duplex printing facility.

Method to Print on the Double Side on Brother Printer

how to print double sided on Brother Printer

First of all, you have to check out that your Brother Printing has the feature of duplex printings; you can easily the duplex feature in your Printer manually. One other method that can tell you whether your Printer is duplex or not is to check on the box of the Printer and check the model number; if the letter D is available, then it means that your printer has the duplex printings ability, and you can easily make prints on the double side of the pages.

Method#1: Two Sides Option

Many applications show you the two side option automatically, and you don’t need to work hard to make the duplex printings; if you will open your file and make right-click on it, then you will see the Two-Sided option, and further, you have to click on the dropdown menu.

After setting this feature, you must select your layout and start your printing work.

Method#2: Applications that don’t Show Two Sides

Many applications don’t allow you two side printings, like the PDF and some other Apps like this. So for these applications, you can activate this option manually. You can start this by opening the print window, clicking on the Printer, and scrolling down, you will find the option Two Sides Printings, and from there, you can activate it.

You can also make further changes according to the Printer and your laptops, like the layout and other options.

Method#3: Finding the Brother Printers Password

Sometimes you need to know the password for accessing the premium features of the devices, so if you need to check the password of your Brother Printer, here is the method you can use.

Method#4: Passwords of The Products That Are Built-In 2020 Or Later

This is an exciting thing because the password is different. According to their manufacturer year, the devices made in 2020 or later have different passwords than those manufactured before 2020.

For checking the password, it is necessary to save the box because without the box, and you cannot find the password. See the backside of the label, and you will see the password written with the Pwd word.

The password contains eight characters, including the different numbers, alphabets, and numeric values. You should save the password because the passwords and other writing materials start to disappear with time, or you may lose the box.

Method#5: Devices That Manufactured Before 2020

If you have a printer manufactured before 2020 and you cannot find the password on the backside of the label, then there is no need to worry because the old devices have a default password.

The password is “initpass” or “access,” but if you still cannot find the password, then the administration or the owner has changed the password, so in these cases, you need to ask them for the new password.

Also watch this video to know more about duplex printing in Brother Printer!

Alternative Method

Another method is also available for printing on both sides of the pages from the Brother Printer, but this is a manual method, and you need to work on it.

  • First of all, you have to connect your Printer to your PC
  • After that, you need to open the work you want to the printout, like you have to open the application you are using.
  • After finalizing the work for the printing, you have to start the printing process.
  • If you have made print on the side of the page, you need to again out the page in the printer tray but reverse position.
  • After this, you need to start the printing again and make the print you want to get on the other side of the same page.
  • Maybe this method looks very lengthy for you, but if you have an old machine, there are no other chances for you; in the modern Printer, the printing process is straightforward, even for the double-side printings.

Is It Possible To Print On The Double Side Of The Pages?

Yes, it is possible to make the print on both sides of the pages on the Brother Printer, this is a straightforward process, and you can easily make this without anyone’s help.

Important Note!

If you are buying and using the Brother Printer for the first time, you must install the drivers on your computer or laptop because you cannot make prints from your computer without installing the drivers.

These drives are straightforward to install; you can easily download them from the internet or get them from the shop where you buy the Printer. But in the advanced computer and laptops, these are already installed, so you don’t need to do anything.

Final Verdicts- How to Print Double Sided on Brother Printer

Printing on the double side of the pages from the Brother Printers is very easy; by following the method mentioned above, you can easily print on the double side of the pages.

The double-sided printing feature is available in the Brother Printers and the other Brand Printers, including the Laser Printer or inkjet printer; they have different mechanisms.

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