Sublimation On Water Bottles (5 Easy steps 2023)

Sublimation on different items such as shirts, mugs, and scarves is fun, but do you know that you can also do sublimation on water bottles?

Yes, water bottle sublimation is a possible and straightforward process. All you need is the right water bottle and a custom design.

As we said, to begin with, you must select the right water bottle you desire. The best idea is to have an image that can be easily replicated onto the bottle. When you have the right bottle, you can move on to the design steps. When designing, firstly need to determine the background color to use.

There are different colors to choose from when designing your custom water bottle, so make sure to pick the one that fits your branding.

Water bottle sublimation can be done for personal use as well as for business purposes. Nowadays, everyone is looking for unique and customized designs to stand out and willing to pay heftily to get their desired designs printed on their favorite items.

What would be better than sublimation for creating unique and customized designs? We think water bottle sublimation will also prove to be a very profitable business. You can produce customized bottles in bulk and sell them on different platforms, for example, Etsy.

Sublimation on Water Bottles: Step by Step Process

How to Sublimate Water Bottles

No doubt that sublimation is a creative way of expressing yourself because you can present unique ideas onto different items through sublimation. Today, we will talk about the sublimation of water bottles and learn how to sublimate water bottles.

It’s a step-wise process, and special attention is needed to create unique designs.

But before jumping to the steps, we first need to know what things we need to get started with our process.

Required Materials

The materials that are required for water bottle sublimation are

Steps to Start the Process

How to turn your favorite photo or quote into a water bottle? Are you interested to know? In the steps explained below, you will be able to learn how you can print the specific design, photo, or quote on a water bottle.

Follow these steps to get desired results.

1: Design

The first step is to create a design you desire to print on the water bottle. There are many ways of getting a unique design for sublimation. Either create your own design (using software) or download a pre-made template.

The design should be able to fit the substrate.

2: Print

The next step is to take the print of your design. It’s a simple step and doesn’t require many details, but the next step is critical to get a suitable print.

3: Tape

It’s the most crucial step of sublimation on a water bottle. You can do it on both silver and white bottles. To start the process, take the design and wrap it around the water bottle in reverse. Make sure to trim the excess paper off. 

Now attach the sublimation paper to the bottle with the help of heat transfer tape. Also, wrap the silicon sheet around the water bottle to ensure everything prints correctly. 

4: Mug Press

Put that water bottle in a mug press. Leave it for 100 seconds after you press the green button, and make sure that the temperature should be 385 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the timer starts beeping, it’s time to take the water bottle out. Put your gloves on to take the bottle out from the mug press.

5: The water bottle is ready

When you remove the water bottle from the heat-press, remove the paper, and here you go, your print is ready.

Let the bottle cool completely before use.

As you have seen that how easy it is to sublimate a water bottle. All you need to have is some items that are essential for the process.

How to Sublimate Water Bottles


Can I sublimate to plastic water bottles?

Yes, you can sublimate on plastic water bottles. Sublimation can be quickly done on plastic items, including water bottles.

 Can I use a mug press on water bottles?

Yes, you can use a mug press. Water bottles are put in mug press to get the print done on the bottles.

Can I customize a water bottle?

Yes, it is possible to customize water bottles. The simplest way to customize bottles is through sublimation. With the help of sublimation, you can print different designs on water bottles.


The sublimation process is known to be used in manufacturing various products and services. It’s a thermal process in which a solid substance turns into a gas. The sublimation process can also be done on water bottles.

In our article above, we have provided the information regarding sublimation on water bottles in a step-wise process. You can follow the process and get beautiful water bottle designs for personal and commercial use.

We hope that this article will demonstrate to be beneficial and will help you to achieve the desired results.

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