4 Easy Steps How to Sublimate on Canvas in 2024

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When buying a sublimation printer, most people consider whether it is suitable for sublimation printing on canvas or not? Or most beginners usually ask if it even is possible to sublimate on a canvas? The answer is yes; with technological advancements, you can sublimate on canvas efficiently. And I am here with a quick guide on how to sublimate on canvas. 

Canvas board artwork can help to tie a scene entirely. Sublimation printing on canvases is a wonderful method to produce works of art for your residents, colleagues, and relatives and a successful sublimation business.

As a canvas does not contain polyester material or fabric, it seems impossible to sublimate on canvas. But you do not need to worry. 

Follow these steps to create beautiful artwork on your canvas using sublimation technology. 

Heat press settings: 

For an effective sublimation print on canvas, it is imperative to set the exact and correct heat press settings. 

We did the sublimation printing in a test using different heat press settings. After the testing, we found out that among the two options: 

  • Sublimation printing by heat press at 365 degrees for 40 seconds
  • Sublimation printing by heat press at 400 degrees for 1 minute 

The first option (heat pressing at 365 degrees for 40 seconds) is more effective than option B. 

So now it is clear for sublimation printing on canvas, you have to warm up the canvas to 365 degrees for 40 seconds. 

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Preparing the canvas for sublimation: 

Before starting sublimating printing on canvas, you have to prepare the canvas for it. Now, remove the canvas from the wooden frame first. You can use a knife or Xacto to release outside of the bolts on the rear of the frame. 


  • Once the canvas is prepared for sublimation, damp all the area on which you have to sublimation printing by using a sublimation coating spray. 
  • After spraying, for just about 20 seconds, place it in the already set heat press.
  • Notice that the area where you use sublimation spray and heat-press is now stiff compared to the remaining space. 
  • Again, spray that area with sublimation coating spray and heat press it for just 15 seconds. 
  • Arrange the sublimation print facing downwards on the canvas where you applied sublimation coating spray. 
  • To avoid blurriness during printing, you can also use several strips of high-temperature tape to keep it in position.
  • Place it in the heat press for about 40 seconds ( at 365 degrees). 
  • When the timer goes off, cautiously detach the canvas and the sublimation print. That’s all there is to it! 
how to sublimate on canvas

How to Sublimate on Canvas Without Laminate?

Some beginners wonder, even if it is possible to sublimate on canvas without laminate? A big yes!  Here is a quick guide about printing on canvas using the sublimation process without laminate.

Required materials: 

  • Epson workforce printer 
  • Heat press 
  • A sublimation paper
  • White Butcher Paper
  • Polyester fabric 
  • Arrow staples 
  • A canvas 
  • Scissors, knife, and hangable 
  • Heat resistant tape
  • Staple gun 
  • Sublimation ink 

Procedure to follow:

All you need to do is, print the photo on A sublimation page with the help of an Epson printer. It will be the photo that you want to print on canvas.  

Step no.1: 

Go to canva.com on your computer. Click create a design. Select the custom size. You must choose the size according to your demands, i.e., landscape or portrait. Also, consider the dimensions of the paper that you use for printing. 

 Next, upload your picture on canva.com. (that you want to the printer on canvas). Move or stretch the photo to adjust the total size of the canvas. After making adjustments to the dimensions of a picture, download it. 

Step no. 2: 

Go to the silver studio. Click on the file. And then select the ‘merge’ option. Now, select the downloaded picture. Make adjustments in dimensions according to the landscape or portrait mode. 

Click on the printer icon. Go with the ‘print’ option. Select the preferences and then ‘sublimation preset. It will help you to have a preview of the picture. 

Step no.3: 

After getting a print of the picture, take a polyester fabric. Cut it according to the dimensions of the canvas, and take a little more compared to canvas dimensions. To avoid wrinkles, heat press the polyester fabric for about one minute. 

Step no.4: 

Take the printer photo. And put it down on the heat-pressed polyester fabric. You can also use tape to hold the picture in its place. 

Now, place the polyester fabric with the photo in the press machine. Place a sheet of White Butcher Paper on it. And heat press it at about 400 degrees for 60 seconds. The results will amaze you. There will be the photo printed on the polyester fabric. 

Adjust the above polyester fabric on your canvas. Now it’s time to stick it to the canvas. You can use hot glue and a staple gun for this purpose.

After printing the photo on canvas by using sublimation, you can use the hangable to hang your picture on the wall without using the laminate. 

So it is all about how to sublimate on canvas without laminate. Do try it, and if you face any difficulty, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Is It Possible to Sublimate on Canvas Tote Bags?

Yes. It is possible to sublimate on tote bags. I really enjoy doing this as it is a very quick process to sublimate on canvas tote bags. Let’s know how to do it: 

Materials required: 

  • Heat press machine 
  • Tote bag 
  • Printer transfer paper
  • Lint roller
  • Heat resistant tape 
  • Teflon sheet 


  • Firstly, take a tote bag. Use a lint roller to remove any extra fibers on it. Now, place the tote bag in the heat press machine to remove any kinds of creases in it. Heat press it just for 5-6 seconds. Also, ensure that the handles of the bag are in the outside direction so that they do not get crushed during pressing. 
  • Take the printer transfer paper and place it on the tote bag. Secure the paper in position by using heat-resistant tape. Now, take a Teflon sheet and use it to cover the bag. You can also use protective paper. 
  • Press it to 340 degrees Fahrenheit. Open the heat press, and remove the above-placed Teflon sheet very carefully. Make sure not to remove the transfer paper. 
  • Remove the transfer paper in an upward direction. It will get your torn bag printed with your favorite logo or picture. 
  • Lastly, it is all about how to sublimate on canvas tote bags. Although it is a simple and quick process, you have to do with efficiency to get the best results. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about how to sublimate on canvas. These are as follows:

Is it possible to do sublimation printing on 100 % cotton material? 

Primarily, sublimation printing is used on polyester and similar synthetic materials, but not cotton. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it on cotton. Yes! You can; the sublimation on cotton requires some specific processes. 

What is the best suitable temperature for sublimation printing? 

The best suitable temperature for sublimation printing is about 365 degrees for 40-50 seconds. 

Which is the best printer to use for sublimation printing on canvas? 

Many printers offer sublimation printing. You can use Sawgrass SG1000 or Sawgrass SG500. The Epson Workforce and Eco Tank printers are also suitable for sublimation printing on canvas. 

Final Verdict: 

Summing up, sublimation printing creates beautiful designs and artworks. If you are running a gallery business, you must know how to sublimate on canvas. Once you know about it and have practiced much, you can do it quickly. 

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