Mastering Sublimation Printing: Epson Artisan 1430 Printer Guide

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For photographers and DIY artists Epson sublimation printer have always been a top most choice. And there is nothing wrong to think like that as these printers saves you from restriction to use only ink for making designs.

Instead of this, these sublimation printers enables you to print directly onto the paper through heat press technique.

Now the question arises here is from the large variety of sublimation printer why I am recommending you to buy this Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer.

Let’s look into it.

Epson Artisan 1430 Sublimation Printer Review

Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer Review

When Epson Artisan 1430 was introduced in the market, it became the priority of everyone because of its multi-functionality. It is efficient to print photos and the actual colours of pictures accurately and clearly. 

The reason why I have chosen this printer to review is its some commendable features making it stand out from its competitors.

With this Epson Artisan 1430 13×19 Dye-Sublimation Printer you will get borderless print of size up to 13” to 19” having some vibrant colors and high quality images. 

So it will be convenient for you to get large prints that will be enough to print on your favourite hoodies and T-shirts. If you are thinking of starting a business in a relevant field then it will be going to be your best companion. 

Printing Speed

Coming to the speed of the printer it may vary depending on colors saturation and size of the designs you are going to print.

One best thing is its printing speed is that you will be able to get the prints of smaller designs within the time span of 60 seconds.

And for the largest designs you can get them printed in the maximum speed of 3 minutes.

Connectivity Options

Epson Artisan 1430 Inkjet sublimation printer features a wireless networking enabling you print your favorite designs via mobile phones with just a tap.

Printing Quality

You will get some high quality prints that will be scratch, smudge, fade and water resistant when using it with high-quality ink cartridges.

Some Other Features

Among many other printers available in the market Epson Artisan 1430 is one of the most reliable one. There is no doubt that Epson Artisan 1430 Sublimation Printer Cost is more than many other printers with similar specs but it’s worth every penny.

So if you are looking for best sublimation printer for your business you will not regret buying this one.
Epson Artisan 1430 Sublimation Printer Guide

There are a lot of printers with advanced technologies in the market, and they are becoming the basic need of the printing profession. You should know about your requirement, which will help you choose the right printer for you.

If you have decided Epson 1430, then you should look into all main the all-main aspects you want to have in your printer. You don’t need to go anywhere because we have researched this printer and let you know about all the features through our buying guide.


Suppose we talk about the printer’s speed, which is necessary for the business. If your printer can print at a fast speed, you can complete your task in the required time. Otherwise, you will lose your customer.

After researching Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer, we learned about the slow speed of this printer of 3ppm, which was quite disappointing for us. Still, when we saw the quality of photographic prints, our disappointment turned into happiness.

Several people can compromise with the speed of the Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer because of its high-quality prints.

Print Quality

Print quality matters a lot in printing because you can make your presentations and documents impressive and get beautiful photographic prints.

We recommend you to choose Epson Artesian 1430 sublimation printing if you are doing the business of photo printing because this printer is packed up with all photo-quality prints, and you can also get colourful images. 

If a professional photographer wants to have a printer to print out images, it will be best for him because of its colour accuracy. The colours of the prints will not get fade and can resist in the water because of its water-resistant ink.

This printer also offers sublimation printing using the conversion kit and sublimation ink, so you need to purchase another printer.


You will not find much difference in the design of the Epson 1430 from previous models. This printer is not much heavier, so you can easily place it in your room and office. 

We got the measurement off 24.3” *12.7” * 8.5”. This printer can hold 100 sheets of plain paper in its paper feed plus round about 30 sheets of art media. 

We found no interesting that there is no LCD screen on the printer, and there is only a control panel, so you can’t see what commands you are giving to your printer.  There are the buttons are placed on the printer instead of touch panel.

Ink Colors

If your printer can print in a single colour, then it is not for the photographic profession. You can use it only in your home or school, not at the workplace. So, you should purchase the printer according to your requirement.

The most exciting thing we found in Epson 1430 sublimation printer in our research is that it can print in six different and beautiful colours Light Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Light Magenta, and Black.


The wireless connectivity option makes it easier to operate your printer through your smart devices. Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer has connectivity option of wi-fi and USB, so you can get printouts by giving it a command through your phone.

So, you don’t need to move from your place to connect the wire. There is no Ethernet and card slot in this printer. You can connect your digital camera with this printer through its Pict Bridge USB port. 


Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer is effortless to set because you can easily approach its cartridges. After refilling the ink tanks, setting up inside the printer takes a few minutes. After that, you can start your work.

After refilling the printer once, it will work continuously without stopping because Epson enhances its printing capability more than previous models.

Material Quality

Before purchasing the material for the printer, you should look into the quality of the material and whether it can handle the pressure and heat of the machine or not.

So, you should purchase that paper and material which is suggested by the seller for your Epson Artisan 1430 Sublimation Printer Heat Transfers because the local printer will not bear the heat and pressure of the machine.

And the second most important thing you should check is the expiry date of the ink because if you purchase it without checking the expiry date and after one or two months it will expire, then it will be worthless for your printer and a waste of money as well.

Self Maintenance

Printers need constant maintenance because your printer’s life will remain short if you don’t do this. Nowadays, many printer brands are introducing automatic self-maintenance printers, so you don’t need to do it by yourself.

We suggest you buy Epson Artisian 1430 sublimation printer because it has automatic self-maintenance, which automatically efficiently solves the problems inside the printer.

So, you will not face the problem of ink clogging and jamming because it will solve automatically.

What kind of materials can be sublimated with the Epson Artisan 1430?

Epson 1430 has the capability to provide you with some amazing printing results but if used with the necessary precautions. So before starting printing with this printer there are some techniques and printing practices that you must need to know.

First of all you have to choose best kind of sublimation paper on which you will be printing and after that sublimate that print on the material itself.

Second thing you need to remember is you should try to use only polyester fabric but if can’t then at least the material should be polyester coated.

Although with this, you may end up with little choice of fabrics to select but you can try to make graphics on material made with no fabric.

Sublimation printing has earned its popularity because of its unique property to do all over design printing. This printing technique is quite simple then other technique as the pattern that covers the entire canvas is usually repetitive.

As Epson 1430 is a sublimation printer with some amazing qualities so it is not only good to sublimate on fabrics but is also a best one to sublimate on other materials such as wood, metal, ceramics, aluminium and even on glass.

FAQs Section

Can Epson Artisian 1430 sublimation printer print speedily?

The printing speed is less than the previous models, but you can compromise with its rate because of its high-quality prints.

What connectivity options does the Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer have?

This printer has a wireless connectivity option, so you can operate your printer through your smartphone by connecting with wi-fi and USB. You can also connect your digital camera with the printer through its picot bridge port.

In which colours Epson 1430 sublimation printer can print?

Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer can print in six beautiful colours Light Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Light Magenta, and Black, so that you will get accurate photo prints.

Can the 1430 sublimation printouts resist water or not?

Yes, the prints we get from Epson 1430 are water and scratch-resistant, so the image will not fade if you wash them.

Final Verdicts

This review proves that why Epson Artisan 1430 Inkjet Printer is the favorite printer to be used for sublimation printing by professional photographers for some reasons.

It has high printing quality which will last for a longer time. So you wouldn’t have to worry about fading ink over time.

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