Is Epson 2720 Sublimation Printer Worth Your Money?

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If you’re in the market for a sublimation printer, you’ve likely heard about the Epson 2720. It’s a popular option for those looking to create high-quality prints for garments, mugs, and other items.

Sublimation printing has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to its ability to produce high-quality, vibrant prints on a variety of surfaces. While there are many sublimation printers on the market, the Epson 2720 is one of the most popular options.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Epson 2720 sublimation printer, exploring its features, advantages, and drawbacks. We’ll also compare it to other sublimation printers on the market and answer some frequently asked questions.

Epson 2720 Sublimation Printer Reviews

Epson 2720 Sublimation Printer

For everyone looking for a budget friendly and easy to use printer Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is going to be the best choice. This printer is highly efficient for sublimation printing on your home prints after knowing how can use sublimation printer.

Connectivity Option

The printer comes with various connectivity options including USB and Wi-Fi direct. Wi-Fi Direct is a networking protocol that is designed to keep your mobile phones directly connected to your printer.

Such connectivity doesn’t require any third party device to connect them. Also, Epson has launched its free iOS and Android applications, enabling you to make your prints conveniently such as Google Cloud Print, and Apple AirPrint.


ET-2720 is one of the most likable sublimation printers because it works on dye-sublimation printing technology. Dye-sublimation is considered a more powerful printing technology than standard printing technology.

As these prints last for a longer time with the same printing quality and even time can’t make the prints fade away. Also like Epson’s EcoTank printer, it also doesn’t include ink cartridges for ink replacement. Instead of cartridges ink refills are used.

Furthermore, this printer has a unique feature that shows the ink level so you will know in time that there is a need for ink refills.

Power Consumption

One of the best things about this printer is it consumes much less energy than others. People believe that Epson ET-2720 consumes 90% less energy as compared to other printers available out there. Therefore, it is considered the best option for people with material consciousness.

Wide-Format Print

With this printer, you can print up to 5760 x 1440 using the four-color MicroPiezo Technology which is also one great thing in it.

Huge Paper Capacity

You will get over 4500 black paper prints with a black ink bottle of 65mL and over 7500 pages colour print using the kit that comes with this printer having 4 ink bottles. The ink cost of ET-2720 is also lower than many other printers of similar specs available in the market.

If you are looking for a printer that can accompany you for a longer then this printer having high printing quality and low ink cost is the one for you.

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Printing Cost

Printers cost you money on every step even after buying it including ink costs and electricity costs required to print every single page. EcoTank 2720 comes with low ink costs and two years of free ink making these things much cheaper for you but you didn’t make any compromise on Epson 2720 Sublimation Printer Quality.


It’s a multi-functional printer so it can be used not only for making prints but also for copying and scanning. But during my research, I have found that it doesn’t work that much great for these things. So don’t buy this one if you have much work to do with its copying and scanning functions.

Key Features

  • Paper capacity: 100 sheets
  • Paper Size: 13-inch x 19-inch
  • Printing Speed: 10.5 ppm for Black and 5.0 ppm for Color
  • Printing Resolution: 5760 x 1440 DPI (maximum)
  • Display: 1.44-inch non-touch color display

Other Functions

Although Epson ET 2720 doesn’t come with a touchscreen panel it includes arrow keys to make navigation easier for you. You also get some buttons for basic functions such as Home, Back, Help, Ok, Copy, and Cancel along with the colored display.

Another best thing about this printer is that it enables you to print wirelessly from anywhere you want. As it doesn’t includes an automatic document feeder so you can only get to do copies of one to two pages or one-sided scans with this Epson ET-2720 sublimation printer.

How to Convert Epson 2720 to Sublimation Printer

Converting an inject printer into a sublimation printer needs some specific steps to change its operation. For operating any printer with the best sublimation ink, there is a need to install non-original cartridges for sublimation along with the continuous ink supply system but you don’t have to do this with this ET-2720.

In this printer first of all you have to empty your EcoTanks using the nozzle. It is recommended to remove the ink completely from the tank and then clean it using water. After cleaning it completely you can then use your printer for dye-sublimation printing.

Epson 2720 Sublimation Printer Guide

There are many printer brands introduced in the market, and it gets tough to choose the best one for you. First of all, you need to know whether you are purchasing for your home or business. 

This Epson Ecotank Et 2720 Sublimation Printer came into the market and became the hot selling product. If you are looking for this printer, you should check all the main aspects of the printer you want to have in your printer.

We’ve researched ET 2720 briefly and are here to tell you about some essential factors of this printer through over buying guide, so it will be helpful for you to make a good choice.

Printing speed

When we purchase a printer for business, we expect that your printer will print speedily and you can complete your task in the required time. So, buy the printer when you are delighted with its speed.

Epson 2720 sublimation printer has a fast-printing speed and can bulk print speedily without taking a break. You can get 10.5 black prints in one minute and five colorful pages, which is the ideal speed for the business.


According to our research, we got the measurement of the printer’s footprints 6.9” (17.5cm) by 14.7” (37.3cm) by” (34.5cm). This printer has a backlit display which is good for watching the display. This printer can easily place on the office desktop or your home.

The output tray is not easily approachable, which is not good and causes the paper to jam again and again. This printer needs maintenance after completing every task, and you can’t scan your book with this printer because of the modest Epson 2720 sublimation printer paper size of the paper holder.

Display Screen

Epson 2720 sublimation printer came with a color backlit display placed on the upside of the printer, which you can easily watch and operate. The display size is 1.44 inches and doesn’t support a touchscreen which is not impressive.

There are some buttons placed on the printer through which you can give commands to your printer. This printer should have a touchscreen because the touchscreen takes less time than buttons.

Multi Functions

Everyone wants a printer capable of doing multiple printing tasks because it will get costly to purchase other printers for another job. So, you have to buy an all-in-one printer. Through our research, we found that Epson 2720 can do multiple tasks such as scanning documents, copying, and printing so it will save you money and time.


If you are doing a task and the ink runs out during the printing, it will take a lot of time to refill it and start your work again. So, you have to choose that printer which comes with 2 to 3 ink tanks which will not run out during the work.

We recommend you purchase Epson 2720 sublimation printer because it comes with four ink cartridges that will not come to an end while printing. There is also a reminder that lets you know the usage of ink and when you will refill it again.


Printers need constant maintenance to enhance the durability and performance of the printer. If you stop checking your printer, your printer will stop working soon. Suppose you purchase Epson Ecotank Et 2720 Sublimation Printer.

In that case, you don’t need to worry about its maintenance because it has the impressive feature of automatic self-maintenance, which solves the problem of clogging ink and can solve different problems.

Low-cost per print

Your printer comes with four ink tanks, so you can get the bulk of the print by refilling the cartridges once, which means it is less costly. If the ink tanks are small and need to refill again and again, then the cost of ink will get higher than the large ink tanks.

Epson 2720 sublimation printer can do printing in bulk by refilling the tanks once, which means its printing cost is less than the other printers.

Printing Quality

Suppose you want to do printing in high resolution. In that case, you should purchase Epson 2720 sublimation printer. It can do printing with a high resolution of 5760 x 1440, which makes your documents and presentations attractive. Your boss will surely impress with this. 

Printing quality and the printing speed matter a lot in the printing business because blurry and worst prints will not attract others and the reputation of your business will get down.

Connectivity options

In this modern time, wireless connectivity has become a trend in printing. You can operate your printer with your smartphone efficiently. We suggest you purchase Epson 2720 sublimation printer because it has wireless connectivity such as Wi-fi, USB, and many other options without moving from your place to connect the wire with the printer. 

We found it impressive that you can get high-quality prints from your Apple device through its Air print feature without the stress of downloading the drivers and software. 


This printer can print on a single side, so it is not for duplexity printing. There are buttons on the screen instead of a touch screen. You can operate Epson 2720 with its six buttons copy, cancel, help, back, home, and OK.

It can print in four different attractive colors, which means no more black printouts. So, this is the best printer for your office and your home.

FAQs Section

Can we use the simple ink in Epson 2720 sublimation printer?

If you use the local ink I in Epson 2720 sublimation printer, you will not get accurate and precise prints, and it will badly affect the printer’s performance.

Can we use Epson Eco Tank 2720 as a sublimation printer?

You can do the sublimation printing on Mugs, T-shirts, back covers, and pillows. So, you don’t need to purchase another printer for sublimation printing. 

Is Epson Eco Tank 2720 sublimation printer needs maintenance?

You don’t need to worry about Epson 2720 maintenance because it supports automatic maintenance through which ink clogging or jamming and other problems inside the printer can solve automatically. 

Is Epson ET-2720 good for sublimation?

Its included ink is specifically designed for printing on paper and is an inkjet ink. Sublimation ink is a unique kind of ink required for the process, as it responds to heat and leaves an impression on the material.

What are the reviews on the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 sublimation?

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 sublimation printer provides you with many features such as low cost, ease of maintenance, multiple functions, better speed, quality printing, and more.

Which is better for sublimation Epson 2720 or 4700?

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 and Epson SureColor P600 are both entry-level printers and may provide similar results for sublimation printing.

Which is better sublimation 2720 or 2760?

Although the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 and ET-2760 are very identical printers with nearly identical functionality, the ET-2760 performs a little bit significantly better.

Final Verdicts

Among many other printers of this range, Epson Eco Tank 2720 sublimation printer is considered the one because of its low operational cost. Also, the dye-sublimation printing technology will prevent your prints from getting fade even after a long time

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