How to Make Decals with Inkjet Printer – Easy Method 2024

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You are in the right place if you want to make your walls, windows, floors, and vehicles decorative by applying the different beautiful stickers using customized images.

Here in this article, we will tell you how to make decals with inkjet printer. Firstly, you need to know what is decal and it’s usage in printing industry.

What is Decal?

A decal is a paper generally used to transfer images to other surfaces; this is not a very easy thing. But if you follow proper method and gadgets, you can make the decals by yourself, and there are various methods available that you can follow.

If you want to know easiest and simple method, then using inkjet printer is best. Using the inkjet printer, you can make decals without facing any difficulties, and one other exciting thing is that you will get unique and satisfactory results.

Below is complete method you can follow to make unique decals with inkjet printer for your walls, windows, floors, or anything you want to decorate.

How to Make Decals with Inkjet Printer

Making Decals with Inkjet Printer

Many people think that it is all about printing the images on pages, but this is very different because you need to be very careful while transferring the designs; follow this step-by-step method to make awesome decals for your home, office, or school.

Step 1: Collect the materials

Before starting any project, we need to get necessary materials, like in this project, you think that you only need inkjet printer, but there are many other things that you need along with inkjet printer. Here are few things that you need to have before printing the decals.

Step 2: Graphics Tablet

It is the advanced form of tablet which allows you to make and edit designs with the help of your finger or a stylus. You will wonder why there is a need to use a graphics tablet to make your work simple and easy, but if you cannot afford the graphics tablet, then there is no need to worry because a photo editor can also be used for this purpose.

Step 3: Inkjet Printer

The inkjet printer is mandatory item for making decals; size of printer or unit depends on your budget and type of work. It is suitable for you if you have inkjet printer for water slide decal because it can provide you with high-quality printouts.

Step 4: Water slide Transfer Paper

This type of paper transfers images and designs to any surface, and many people use ordinary paper, which is not an effective way. The water slide transfer paper has many features as it can quickly transfer images and designs to glass, plates, cups, vessels, and many other surfaces with durability.

Step 5: Power on Inkjet Printer

After collecting all necessary items, you have to turn on printer and connect it to your computer or laptop. Ensure that your PC is connected correctly with the inkjet printer because sometimes you cannot start the work because of the poor connectivity issues.

Step 6: Download the Image

If you have selected an image from the internet that you want to use for decal, download the image. You can make changes to the painting according to your interest.

Step 7: Scan the Image

If you have any physical image or design, you can scan it using a scanner for your easiness. But if you are good at designing, you can also make your creative graphics.

Step 8: Put the Water Slide Paper into the Printer

The next step you have to perform is putting water slide paper inside inkjet printer, making sure that coated part of paper should face printer’s head, and then setting the printer to transfer design to preferred settings quickly.

Step 9: Print the Decal

With the help of an inkjet printer, you have to print your design onto water slide transfer paper.

Step 10: Spray Acrylic Sealant

If you have to get your print design on water slide transfer paper, spray Acrylic Sealant in two coats, as per manufacturer’s instruction for the water slide paper.

Step 11: Dip Transfer Paper in Water

It is an exciting step that you need to perform; in this step, you have to get out of the bowl and fill it with water. Now dip the decal you have printed entirely; make sure you have wholly dipped the decal into water. You can also use a box to fill the container with water and soak the decal.

Step 12: Cut the Decal

Now you have to cut decal, which means removing waste part of the paper; in this step, you can arm to printout it on a magazine and use other arm for cutting the decal, make sure that you are only missing the decal.

Some tips for making decals unforgettable with an inkjet printer

Here are some tips that you can follow to make your work more professional; these are straightforward tips but can make your work more effective if you follow them.

  • Ensure that the coated part faces inkjet head while running the waterslide paper on printer.
  • Remember that when you are spraying acrylic sealant on waterslide, wait until the first spray is completely dried.
  • Make sure that the ink cartridge is empty before starting the printer to make decals because if one color is running out, it will result in other colors messing up, which can make the decal very weird.
  • Always buy the best quality printer and paper to get high-quality decals that depend on your budget; more your spend money, the more you get excellent work.
  • Use the type of media that is acceptable for your inkjet printer.
  • Turn on the “print on glassy paper” settings to get high image quality on the decals.
  • Keep in mind that decals need a good amount of the ample sealed for best durability of the ink.
  • You have to spray before cutting decals and always use specific cutting tools for the decals.

Note: Also watch this complete video to know about decals with inkjet printer process.

Final Verdicts- How to Make Decals with Inkjet Printer:

How to make decals with inkjet printer is a straightforward process; you can easily make the decals by following the above method. These decals are easily transferable to any surface, including floors and vehicles.

There is only a need to collect some necessary things before printing the decals. Use the waterslide paper to help you quickly transform printing decals. 

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